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STACC issues two newsletters a year, one in the summer and one at Christmas.

Newsletter - Summer 2018

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.


We can send you this bulletin thanks to your prompt and positive response to our message about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Be assured STACC takes protection of your data most seriously.

STACC is extremely grateful for your donations that underpin health care for poor African children. However, rather than following the usual newsletter pattern about events at all health centres, the chief purpose of this newsletter is to appeal for funds to enable STACC to continue to help treat many more children.

STACC needs at least 100,000 annually to maintain recurrent funding commitments in support of the provision of health care for children in sub-Saharan Africa. Last year, however, income fell to under 70,000. If the decline continues, cuts will be inevitable and our provision for health could even become unsustainable.

There is good news. STACC has prudently maintained a reserve to offset risks and meet requests for needs and equipment. A new piped water supply has been installed at St Kizito Hospital and money you gave to STACC has covered the cost of the section serving the childrens ward. Sometime ago STACC was able to send funds to St Kizito to help improve the nutrition of local children and inpatients. A vegetable garden is now thriving, and money was set aside to buy a small flock of goats for fresh milk. We have just learned that the goats have arrived. Thanks to the generosity of friends of STACC responding to the Jubilee appeal, multi-patient monitors and intravenous giving sets have been bought for the childrens ward there.

The team based at Ile-Ife in Nigeria (STACCILEIFE) now serves 10 communities through a system of mobile clinics. Over 7,000 young children are enrolled some receiving more than one treatment each year. Each community is visited every fortnight so 20 mobile clinics must be despatched every month. Currently, STACC transfers 33,600 annually to STACCILEIFE to support this programme. The team has indicated that two more communities could be added to their programme thereby expanding to 24 sessions a month. Understandably, the teams proposed expansion cannot be funded at present.