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Health centres
STACC supports health care for children and mothers
Sierra Leone - support from STACC has made a major contribution to the national control of intestinal worm infections in school-age children.

Nigeria - health care is provided through mobile clinics and focuses on dealing with malaria and respiratory infections in children under five years of age.

Uganda - funds are sent to help cover the costs of running the Children's Ward at St Kizito Hospital, Matany.

Tanzania - the clinic and its outreach service on Pemba Island, Zanzibar, provide health care to relieve a variety of problems including respiratory infections.

Kenya - STACC supports the BION project (Biotisho-o-ntomonko-o-nkerra - health care for mothers and children) to relieve Maasai children from malaria and diarrhoeal disease.

Ghana - treatments for dental problems and schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) in school-age children are the main objectives of the health care team.

Children are brought to the clinics with a range of medical conditions.